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Brain Breaks during Working Hours

Some people think that rest during work is optional or just a waste of valuable time. A lot of companies tend to put pressure on their employees to maximize their productivity and generate more benefits, they might get productivity, they might even increase product volume, but at what cost?


According to Forbes, rest is essential and the human body needs pauses during the day in order to recharge and regain power. These pauses are short interruptions of activities, they are essential to stay healthy and productive.

In marketing, Imagination and creativity require brain breaks. Long hours of exposure might drift you away from the main objective. That’s why it is advised to take a step back, rest a little to have a clearer view of the project.

Your brain is exactly like any other muscle of your body, once tired, you will get less functionality and lot of pain. This mental fatigue can have severe harm to the brain.

Take some time off, your brain needs it

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