Ottawa Leaders of Volunteers

Services Provided:
Annual Marketing Plan - Full Rebranding - Website Creation & Design - Content Marketing - Social Media

Oryxad has provided comprehensive branding and marketing services to the Ottawa Leaders of Volunteers (OLV) a non-profit organization based in Ottawa. Their services have included planning, managing, and implementing a successful rebranding strategy, creating brand guidelines, designing and managing the OLV website, creating marketing and communication materials, and maintaining website updates.

Moreover, Oryxad is currently working with OLV on their annual marketing plan for the year 2023-2024. This involves identifying key objectives and target audiences, developing a comprehensive marketing strategy, and outlining specific tactics and activities to achieve OLV’s goals for the upcoming year. By partnering with Oryxad for their marketing planning, OLV is able to leverage their expertise and experience to create a plan that will help them achieve maximum impact and success in the coming year.


The rebranding effort for OLV was a comprehensive process that involved conducting market research and gathering information about the non-profit sector, competitors, target audience, and OLV’s position in the market. The team created a unique visual identity, including a logo, typography, color palette, and other design elements such as icons and imagery. They also developed brand guidelines that defined the tone of voice, established a messaging strategy, specified visual element usage, and provided instructions for consistency across all brand touchpoints.

Website Design and Creation

OLV’s website design and creation involved purchasing a domain name and web hosting, installing WordPress, and customizing the theme. The team created pages, added content, and designed the website layout. They also configured plugins and tested the website on different devices, in addition to creating emails for the organization.


Content Marketing & Banners Design

OLV’s digital and printed banners, along with their business cards, were designed to match the organization’s new visual identity.

Content Creation for OLV blog and social media pages.

OLV Annual Marketing Plan 2023-2024